Firearm Season is Around the Corner!

October 30, 2019

Firearm Season is Around the Corner!

You rise well before the sun, pack your supplies, bundle up, sling your gun over your shoulder, and head out into the crisp fall air. As soft as you try to step, the leaves still crunch beneath your boots.

Whether you’re coming in for a midday meal or after a full day of hunting, it’s the perfect time to start planning next year’s hunting trip.

Our resorts are made to accommodate groups of any size. Whether it’s just a few buddies or a family affair. The reunion cabins at some of our resorts can sleep up to 16 people.

Relaxing along the lakeshore is great, but you’re a hunter, so you’re most relaxed up in a tree or on the forest floor in your blind. The Minnesota Northwoods is a hunter’s paradise in the fall. You just need to know where to look, and our resort owners have all you need to know.

Start planning your 2020 hunting trip today!

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