Movil Maze Recreation Area

May 18, 2017

Movil Maze Recreation Area

For all of you thrill seekers and bicyclists that want to experience a ride in the woods, Movil Maze is the perfect place to complement your Minnesota Northwoods adventure. A park of nearly 1000 acres with as many ways to get lost is just a few miles from Bemidji and 1/2 a mile north of Highway 71 on Wildwood Road. It often hosts Bemidji High School's Lumberjack cross-country ski team in the winter and for a number of years now, has a beautiful, volunteer built and maintained, set of single-track bicycle trails as well as a bike terrain park for those who like to play in the summertime.

The 6+ miles of mountain bike trails travel a colorful forest floor with occasional rocks and tree-roots to navigate. There are also plank bridges and wooden ramps scattered along the trail to test your nerve and get your adrenaline pumping. It is a thrilling ride set under a great boreal canopy.

The trailhead has ample parking, an outhouse to use before, mid-, or post-trek, and maps of the available trails. A terrain park sits at the north end of the trailhead parking for those who like to play as much as pedal.

Movil Maze mountain bike trail map can be found here:

Movil Maze cross-country ski trail map can be found by following the 'Movil Maze' link here:

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